Thursday, December 29, 2016


Humble: Greek- Tapeinoo- Depress of pride; exhibit humility
              Hebrew- Kana- Subdue yourself

Scripture: James 4:10 (Humble yourself before the Lord)
                1 Peter 5:6 (Humble yourself under God's mighty hand)

Do you know that the key to greatness in everything in your life is to allow yourself to be humble, especially before the Lord? My question for you is; Have you humbled yourself before the Lord Jesus today? I know that we all strive to be great in all that we set our hands to, but have you ever thought that the key to getting to that point of greatness is the Lord? You see, God chooses the small, insignificant, subordinate ones to do His greatness for His kingdom. 

Matthew 18:1-5; 20:26; 23:11, gives us the insight of what humbleness and also the word serving is according to the kingdom of God. Do you know that you are a walking pulpit, as testimony to others giving others great examples of how great our God is? Never think that God can't use you. Think "Father what is my assignment?" "What can I do for you?" Think of ways of how God wants you to bring another soul into His kingdom for His glory. 

So today, my walking Pulpit ready to take on the world for God's glory. What is your assignment? Who are the souls that you are targeting to bring to Jesus? Who are you going to serve? Will you humble yourself before the Lord today to show His greatness in you today?

For those who don't know Jesus as their Lord and Savior, I invite you into knowing Him. (Romans 10:9-14)

Prayer: Lord, Please forgive me of my sins. I ask you to come into my heart and cleanse me by your blood that was shed for me on the cross. Today, I renounce satan and all of my sins and decide to walk in your presence and power. Thank you, Father, for loving me and accepting me into your kingdom. In Jesus name, Amen!

Now, once when you have prayed this prayer. I encourage you to purchase a bible, find a good church home and join a good bible study group. I encourage you to start with the book of Matthew and continue on. (Starter scriptures: Isaiah 43:25-26; 44:6-8; Isaiah 53; John 1)

Congratulations on your new birth! God blesses you!


Pastor D.Williams


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