Sunday, February 5, 2017



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How is your "Climate"...? 

I am not referring to "Global Warming", I am speaking in reference to the  "attitudes" of your heart. Ok, your "attitude" of "worship" with the Lord.


Is your "Climate" "Red hot"? 

Are you "steadfast", "zealous", "ready to hit the ground running" to win a soul to Christ? Is your worship so much in the forefront that nothing stops you from achieving every endeavor God places in your heart to do? Ok, we're not talking to you!

Is your "Climate" "Warm"? 

"Eh"..., you have the "I want to" attitude but, you just can't get to the "there" or "place". Yes, you have good intentions to bring Christ to people but, somehow, "life" gets in the way, then you forget the mission God intentionally had for you.  Don't fret! The embers of the Holy Spirit inside of you is still there. Just work up the heat again. Stoke the coals in the fire inside of your inner man. Prayer and Bible Study will work!

Is your "Climate" "Cold"? 

Well..., at this point..., you just need to "repent" ask God to forgive you for abandoning your mission for His kingdom. Ok, to plainly say, "Lord forgive me for being lazy." How do you see yourself at this point? Do you know that you need to change your "climate" or "attitude" for the better? God needs you. You are not placed on this earth for yourself. You were created for such extraordinary times like this, to do justice for the kingdom of God. So, Prayer, Bible Study and a "swift kick in the pants" won't hurt!

So, my challenge for you...

Check your "Climate!" If you're "hot", Mazel Tov! If you are "warm", ok, you know how to stoke those coals. If you are "cold", repent, repent, repent. I'm kidding! Just one tiny repentance can start the fire again. And, keep the flames going! 

And you know what...? 


Blessings and favor of the Lord all over you today!

For those who don't know Jesus as their Lord and Savior, I invite you into knowing Him. (Romans 10:9-14)

Prayer: Lord, Please forgive me of my sins. I ask you to come into my heart and cleanse me by your blood that was shed for me on the cross. Today, I renounce satan and all of my sins and decide to walk in your presence and power. Thank you, Father, for loving me and accepting me into your kingdom. In Jesus name, amen!

Now, once when you have prayed this prayer. I encourage you to purchase a bible, find a good church home and join a good bible study group. I encourage you to start with the book of Matthew and continue on. (Starter scriptures: Isaiah 43:25-26; 44:6-8; Isaiah 53; John 1)

Congratulations on your new birth! God blesses you!


Pastor D.Williams

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