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My journey didn't start from here, it started when I was in the womb (Isaiah 48:5). Along my 50 years on this earth, I have endured struggles, trials, and heartaches. However, there was a lot of love, strength, growth, maturity, never ending abiding faith and most of all our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ! 

With my ministry, I would like to encourage, uplift, pray and empower you along your own spiritual journey. 

I am born and bred straight up Jersey Girl! I moved to Texas 25-years-ago, but Jersey never left! For 20 years I have been married to a wonderful man of God. I have three adult children. Empty Nester, here I come! I attend a large non-denominational church in Dallas, TX and have been a member for 17 years. 

I worked in Evangelism for over 35 years and raised a family. I am a pastor and have been ministering for several years. My ministry is not a brick and mortar building but virtual. I would like to reach all of you via my sermons and blogs via Corner Care Ministries online church , come engage with me on Twitter,  and view my Instagram for a day in the life with Pastor D! Scroll down below to view my links to these pages. 

If you need prayer or have questions about scriptures that you are reading, you can reach me by chat or enter a prayer request  via Corner Care Ministries Official Website. Just click on the link that says "Prayer Request" or "Talk to Me."

This is me in a nutshell! I hope that my posts will encourage, strengthen and hopefully make you laugh. Most importantly encourage you to study the Word of God.

May the Lord our Savior Jesus Christ bless the work of your hands in all that you aspire and lay your hands to for His glory!

For those who don't know Jesus as their Lord and Savior, I invite you into knowing Him. (Romans 10:9-14)

Prayer: Lord, Please forgive me of my sins. I ask you to come into my heart and cleanse me by your blood that was shed for me on the cross. Today, I renounce satan and all of my sins and decide to walk in your presence and power. Thank you, Father, for loving me and accepting me into your kingdom. In Jesus name, amen!

Now, once when you have prayed this prayer. I encourage you to purchase a Bible, find a good church home and join a good Bible study group. I encourage you to start with the book of Matthew and continue on. (Starter scriptures: Isaiah 43:25-26; 44:6-8; Isaiah 53; John 1)

Congratulations on your new birth! God blesses you!


Pastor D.Williams

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